Leased Line

A leased line is a high-performance, permanently available fixed cost internet connection, carrying voice data & Internet traffic for those businesses placing the Internet at the heart of their business strategy. Leased lines deliver dedicated bandwidth and are supported by a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA). Typically, leased line services will be delivered using a fibre optic connection directly into your premises by one of our telecommunications partners.

LCHost is able to provide high quality leased lines to virtually any location in the UK and for virtually any capacity, and if you’ve had your current leased line for 3 or more years, we can often provide anywhere from 2 to as much as 50 times more bandwidth for the same price – or less – than you currently pay!

Key features:

  • Unlimited usage included – no bandwidth caps or allowances
  • Direct connection to LCHost’s high performance IP infrastructure
  • Bandwidth options from 10Mbps upto 1Gbps (and multiples thereof) nationwide, 10Gbps inside London
  • /28 routed IPv4 block, and a /56 routed IPv6 block as standard (more of either available upon justification)
  • Managed router provided as part of the installation
  • Low latency connection – perfect for VPNs and interactive applications
  • Symmetric bandwidth – same speed in both directions
  • Ideal for hosting your own web, email and application servers in house
  • 90%, 95% or 99.9+% Service Level Agreements available
  • 24/7/365 active line monitoring and support
  • ADSL, SDSL & EFM Backup options with automatic failover
  • Diversity options available for mission-critical applications
  • Optional Firewall & Security product consultancy and supply

Leased line pricing is bespoke based upon your requirements and your location and is subject to site survey. Please call us on 020 3026 2626 or email to request an estimate at no obligation.