Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

EFM provides cost effective Leased-Line type products with symmetric upload and download bandwidth by bundling together 2-8 pairs of copper wire into a single logical connection.

For business which need an enhanced SLA for service repair or an enhanced upload speed compared to traditional DSL services (eg; in areas where FTTC is not available) EFM provides an affordable alternative to traditional entry level leased line services.

Because the service is based on copper pairs and DSL type technology, distance and line quality plays a factor in determining the available service speeds, however because the build out is relatively straightfoward, lead times can be as low as 22 days vs the 90+ days required to plan and install fibre based services.

EFM for dual and quad pair services is universally priced, based on the number of pairs required (all prices excluding VAT):

 Dual PairQuad Pair
12 Month TermInstall£1,450Install£2,350
36 Month TermInstall£250Install£250

Due to the requirement for a desktop survey to estimate line speeds please call us on 020 30 26 26 26 or email to enquire.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited usage included – no bandwidth caps or allowances
  • Direct connection to LCHost’s high performance IP infrastructure
  • Upto 35Mbps bandwidth for 8-pair services in perfect conditions
  • /28 routed IPv4 block, and a /56 routed IPv6 block as standard (more of either available upon justification)
  • Managed router provided as part of the installation
  • Symmetric bandwidth – same speed in both directions
  • Ideal for hosting your own web, email and application servers in house
  • 90%, 95% or 99.9+% Service Level Agreements available
  • 24/7/365 active line monitoring and support
  • xDSL Backup options with automatic failover
  • Optional Firewall & Security product consultancy and supply