ADSL Broadband

LCHost offers one high performance unmetered ADSL2 broadband product, connected through our high-performance and uncontended London hosting network.

Like all of our broadband packages, our ADSL2 broadband comes with full, unfiltered Internet access and static IP addressing as standard.

Our ADSL2+ package has a £84 installation charge (including the required phone line) and a one month minimum term. If you migrate away to another ADSL2+ provider using Openreach after your term ends, we won’t charge you a termination fee. If you need to simply cease service, there is a cease charge levied upon us which we have to charge you for – currently £38.09.




per month

including line rental and 20% VAT


  • Unmetered Usage
  • Upto 20Mbps download
  • Upto 884Kbps upload
  • 1 Static IPv4 Address
  • 1 Static IPv6 Address
  • /56 Routed IPv6 Block



A note about service speeds

Because of the way that ADSL works, speeds are dependent not only on phone line length, but the overall quality of the line, how busy BT’s network is, and even the weather. As a result, while we can make an estimate ahead of your order, the actual download and upload sync speeds and throughput you will receive cannot be guaranteed, and are more likely than not to change during the lifetime of the line. If speeds substantially degrade, then we can request that BT investigate, but generally this requires that your sync speed roughly halves from what you have normally been receiving.

Any other provider delivering service using ADSL is subject to the same laws of physics (and laws of BT Openreach) as us; so if another provider isn’t giving you this information up front, or is claiming that they are unaffected by the laws of physics, be very suspicious of that and any other claim(s) they might make.