How can we help?

We've been trusted by consumers, corporates, the public sector and other ISPs with their Internet requirements since 2001; we'd be delighted to help you too.

Our Kit Your Bits

Unlike many ISPs today we don't just sell someone else's products, and we don't use outsourcing for key knowledge or skills: our hosting infrastructure and network (AS25098) is built, owned and operated by us in London's Docklands.

London is also home to all our primary server and hosting infrastructure - unlike a number of providers who put a network point of presence in London and then haul the traffic off to another site, we provision everything from arguably the most central point in the UK Internet infrastructure - and that shows in the resulting performance and reliability.

Superior Value

We're always keeping an eye on where the market is and we remain confident that even where strictly cheaper alternatives may exist we offer one of the best price/performance ratios in the UK.

Compare our services against similarly performing competitors - or ask us for a free competitive analysis of a competitor's quote - and you'll soon come to appreciate that our offerings are hard to beat on a like-for-like basis.