Shared Webhosting

In case you’re not sure – have you considered managed hosting?

cPanel Shared Hosting

Flexible, one-type-fits-all hosting packages with the industry standard cPanel control panel at your disposal giving you a wealth of buttons and levers to push, pull and generally fondle.

Our cPanel shared hosting packages feature Installatron Installatron – wave goodbye to your FTP client and long howtos, and get popular web apps such as WordPress and Joomla installed or updated with a couple of clicks!

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Managed Shared Hosting

Targeted towards the more demanding websites that fall in the gap between other host’s shared hosting offerings and the complexity and cost of virtual or dedicated servers – this range of boutique shared hosting offers the highest levels of service tailoring possible in a shared hosting environment, and even come with friendly advice on how to get started with your online presence and a rescue service as standard!

You get a self service portal for configuring email accounts – but other than that, these services are fully managed.

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