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Virtual Servers

Need a reliable and consistently performing virtual server? Look no further – we have industry leading technology:

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No Local Disks

Unlike many of our competitors, we’ve done away with local storage to unlock some of the best features of virtualisation.

Better still – if the machine your virtual server is on crashes – it’s possible to restart it within minutes, not hours.

Faster, FASTER!

Hosts are connected with 10Gb Ethernet to yield the maximum performance for your Virtual Server to both the Storage Area Network and the Internet.

Managed Virtual Server clients can even get dedicated capacity for guaranteed levels of performance.

10GBe Speedo
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Fast Live Migrations

Thanks to our investment in the Storage Area Network, we can live migrate your virtual server in under a minute in most cases, whilst your applications are running – with a negligible impact on performance and no impact whatsoever on consistency.

Load Management

No more noisy neighbours stealing your CPU time – our fast migrates enable automatic power management and load balancing to ensure we’re always running the optimal number of hosts to deal with the total workload.

Low CPU Load


No more choosing between a bunch of configurations that don’t quite fit – simply build exactly what you need all the way up to 8 cores and 70GB RAM:

vCPU Core




20GB vDisk