Managed Virtual Servers

Complement our quality Virtual Servers with our multifaceted management services:

Managed Migration

If you’re running an existing site or web application, we’ll help you draw up a migration plan to move your operations as efficiently as possible with an absolute minimum of fuss.

Where necessary we’ll work with your outgoing suppliers and their systems on your behalf – allowing you to focus on running your business, instead of on moving your website.

System Update Management

It was once said that only two things in life were certain – death and taxes – however, since the invention of the modern operating system and the Internet, the maxim could – at the very least – be extended to include “Software Updates”.

There’s no getting away from system and software upgrades; and we’ll work with you to minimise your exposure to disruption wherever possible.

Reconfiguration and growth

Business needs and web applications evolve over time. The configuration that suits today, may not suit next year. We’re able to work with you to plan for and then manage configuration changes.

If you need to scale up in terms of infrastructure complexity, we’ll build a plan with you and then take care of any migration of data or code necessary for your business to continue to grow.

Multifaceted Support

We’ll work with you to support your entire application stack. We’ll apply our broad skillset to make our services work best for you; even if that means helping you do more with less.

We have a broad understanding of nearly every common issue faced by website and e-commerce operators; why not put that experience and knowledge to work for your business?


No more choosing between a bunch of configurations that don’t quite fit – simply build exactly what you need all the way up to 8 cores and 70GB RAM:

vCPU Core




10GB vDisk