About LCHost

LCHost was founded in 2001, targeting the then popular Linux shell product space, offering high quality services at industry leading pricing. Those customers who have been with us since the beginning have come to know LCHost as a company strongly geared towards providing that rare combination of stability and value for money – illustrated through their loyalty and our exceptionally high customer retention rate.

By the beginning of 2004, the company had grown considerably – now offering high quality UK based webhosting packages in their own right rather than as an add-on to a shell account, shoutcast streaming media services, and gameservers – through its subsidiary brand LCGaming. Operating profits yielded during the past 4 years had been ploughed back into buying new equipment and helping to grow the business.

In July of 2004 the company was formalised and Low Cost Host Ltd was founded, and in August of 2004 Low Cost Host Ltd negotiated to acquire the network and customer base of their embattled ultimate upstream provider, Woaf Tech Ltd, in order to gain full control over the network and connectivity, ensuring continued stability not only for our own operations, but existing Woaf Tech Ltd customers as well.

In March/April 2012 in line with our developing managed services portfolio, Low Cost Host Ltd was renamed Netcalibre Ltd and a separate managed services brand – Netcalibre – was launched. LCHost remains as a brand of Netcalibre Ltd, offering the same high value, high performance ‘self serve’ Internet services it has become known for.

Moving forward, Netcalibre Ltd continues to be committed to a long term plan of network and hardware upgrades in order to maintain and – where possible – improve on current service levels, all the while maintaining what we believe is the best value pricing in the UK marketplace under our LCHost brand.